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Now that my anti-resolution January‘s over, I can go back to fasting and I’m actually looking forward to it. Yesterday’s dinner of some of that delicious no-knead bread with some camembert was feeling very heavy in my stomach this morning, so it’s a relief that I now have (self-given) permission to fast. Of course, I wasn’t so stupid during January that I deliberately ate shedloads of food when I wasn’t hungry but it was all too easy to skip breakfast, maybe have a small lunch, and then blow out for dinner. The difference today is that I begin to monitor my calories on my fast days again.

That said, it could well be a short-lived return to the fast diet, for good reasons. My weight has held steady in the month that I didn’t impose any restrictions on my food intake – other than good habits learned from the time I was on the fast diet in the latter part of 2013, I suppose – so it’s not like I need to go back onto the fast diet, apart from the fact that I want to. There’s still a few extra pounds that could be got rid of but, given past experience, I don’t expect it will take all that long. I’ve always said that my aim is to be in good shape when I turn 40 because I reckon that I’ll pretty much stay in shape for the rest of my life if I can get to 40 without having fallen into couch spudness.