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Tonight I’m putting up one of those cheating blog posts which consists of someone else’s content. This time it’s The Leisure Society’s wonderful new video. You can tell if I’m devoid of inspiration or time when I do something like just link to an article or blog post or embed some content. That said, I wouldn’t do it if the content wasn’t worth sharing.

If you follow the GTD (Getting Things Done) method of, well, getting things done, one of the principles you’re supposed to follow (as far as I can recall) is to do things when you can do them rather than waiting until they need to be done. It’s a good general principle to follow regardless of whether you’ve adopted a particular productivity system. The idea is that if you wait until the last minute to do something on your to-do list then there’s a risk that something might crop up that prevents you from doing that task and you’ll end up kicking yourself that you didn’t just do it when you could. Of course, all that’s easier said than done.

All of which previous paragraph is a long-winded way of saying that I should have written a blog post earlier rather than leaving it until now, because something cropped up tonight during the time I had thought I would write something. Not that I really regret it because what happened was I won free life-time hosting from my web host, Media Temple, and it took a while to get things sorted so that I got the services I wanted for free. Naturally, being greedy, I upgraded from my current service (from the gridserver account to the level one dedicated virtual server, if you’re interested), since it’s going to be free, and it took a bit of time to get that sorted.

I’ve always been very happy with Media Temple. So happy, in fact, that even though I had a lifetime account somewhere else, I felt it was worth paying money for the better service I got from Media Temple. Last year I won a year’s free hosting from Media Temple, just for being nice about them on Facebook, and now I’ve won free hosting for as long as I want. So a service I would happily pay for I’m getting for free. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and turn it down but it’s a little bit embarrassing.

So in telling you why I couldn’t write a blog post, I’ve managed to waffle on for more than 400 words, but as any real writer knows, the hard work is in writing concisely and word count is a very unsatisfactory indicator.