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Magic and fairy tale dice

When you commit (admittedly to no one in particular) to writing a blog post a day, the fear of writer’s block becomes acute. That’s if it existed in the first place, actually, but stick with me.

I was reminded while reading Mark Radcliffe’s ‘Reelin’ in the Years’ a couple of night’s ago of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, created to help unplug creative blocks and aid creativity. In a similar vein, there’s a storytelling game that uses dice to throw a random set of elements to include in your story. I bought these for Amélie because she enjoys it when I improvise a story and I thought these dice would be a good way of introducing an element of structure. It’s a cliché but I think having some limits to work within can be a good thing for creativity, rather than thinking it should be unfettered.

Ironically, while I think that there’s some scope for doing something similar for more ‘grown-up’ activities, I can’t think of what I would put on the dice instead of the fairy tale elements. But that’s another lesson for creativity, I guess. A busy Saturday morning preparing for a game of football and doing Amélie’s violin practice and homework is perhaps not the best time to find headspace.