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Wonderful news from the northbound platform of the Northern Line at Embankment Tube station. London Underground have reinstated the original Mind the Gap announcement – just so that the widow of the man who said it can go and hear his voice.

from ‘The original Mind the Gap returns’ on The Importance of Being Trivial

Impossibly heartwarming story notable for the incredible kindness shown by a big corporation, made even more remarkable by the fact that I don’t detect the hand of PR in this, meaning London Underground did this because it was a good thing to do, not because they wanted to be seen to be doing a good thing.

This also goes back to my thoughts about immortality being gained through remembrance. Peter Lodge’s voice is lodged in countless Londoners’ heads and will continue to be heard for a good while yet. Not only does his voice exist on a recording, his voice and by extension his essence is physically stored in people’s brains as a memory. How beautiful to know he lives on in this way.

Post title lyric taken from R.E.M. – At My Most Beautiful