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I don’t believe for a second that an intelligent man like Carey truly thinks that Christians are being “persecuted”. He’s just using overly emotive language to try and make a point. (If he does believe it, then he’s an idiot of the highest order – an archbishop or pope of idiocy, if you like.)

This quote gets my goat, though:

It affects the moral and ethical compass of the United Kingdom.

The biggest problem I have with the religious lobby is you often get the sense that they believe that without religion there would be no morals and the world would descend into chaos (as opposed to wars and conflict due to differing views on whose god is the biggest). Leaving aside that, for Christianity at least, the morality expressed in their version of a holy book is inconsistent and distinctly dodgy in sections, this is quite plainly bollocks.

Society needs a moral and ethical code. It does not need religion to set that. Religion has no monopoly on morality.