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Since I’m doing the new year’s resolutions thing, I may as well embrace the cliché fully and include one about dieting. Well, not dieting as such; more about thinking a bit more about what I eat. I’m going to aim to eat less but eat better quality food. In money terms, the former should balance out the latter.

It’s not so much a physical challenge than a mental one. I buy a bag of crisps or some other accompaniment when I grab a sandwich for lunch more out of habit than any need for extra food. And I tend to clear my plate even if I’m full, especially in a restaurant, because I was brought up not to waste food. I know I do this, which is a start, but now I need to act on it.

Today’s dim sum lunch at Tai Tung (Chinese restaurant on Purley Way, in the Wing Yip complex) probably wasn’t the best start for this resolution but I tried to moderate the order and, for the first time in several visits, I didn’t feel like I was about to explode at the end of the meal. Having said that, I obviously still ate a lot because I’ve managed to skip dinner without feeling hugely hungry.