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I took a bold step yesterday: I deleted all the media from my iTunes library.1

Except it’s not that bold a step. I’ve subscribed to iTunes Match, which lets you store your entire collection, including music you’ve imported from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes. The lovely thing about this is that when I’m on my Mac I can now stream my music from iCloud, instead of taking up hard drive space. And this matters because I recently moved from a MacBook Pro with a 500GB hard drive in it to a MacBook Air with a 250GB solid state drive. I’m not exactly crying out for more storage space but an opportunity like this means I won’t be feeling the pinch for a long while yet.

So if I’m comfortable with streaming music, why didn’t I just go with Spotify?

  1. Spotify’s library isn’t comprehensive. Sure, I could access music that I don’t own. But there’s a lot of music I do own that Spotify doesn’t have. And I’d rather listen to a limited library of music I’ve made a conscious decision to buy than have access to lots of music I don’t really care about.
  2. If I want to have the option to download the music for offline playing, I’d have to subscribe to a premium account. £9.99 per month for Spotify Premium versus £21.99 per year for iTunes Match = no brainer. Before anyone says I haven’t included the cost of buying music in iTunes, I’m the kind of person who wants to ‘own’ music so would buy it regardless of subscribing to Spotify or not.
  3. I don’t want to download Adobe Air. I have an irrational (I lazily assume it’s irrational, it might be perfectly rational) dislike of Adobe Air so, on my laptop, have avoided installing anything that needs it, such as Spotify and iPlayer.

I’m not saying Spotify’s a bad option. I’m certainly open to moving to it in the future, especially if they code a proper native app for the Mac. It’s just not the option for me right now, unless anyone can persuade me otherwise.


  1. This is entirely consistent with the previous post which was kind of a tiny homage to vinyl, by the way. I’m just fully embracing the digital side of the equation: not only do I not see the need for CDs, I don’t even see the need to store the zeros and ones on my own hard drive. []