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Judging by the comments, you need to take this article with a pinch of salt but interesting from a cultural stereotypes point of view. This view of Chinese etiquette rings a bell:

CHINA: Many younger people will split the bill, but older folks consider it an honour to pay for the bill and will often compete for the right to do so. Readily allowing someone else to do it may be considered a social blunder.

I’m lucky in that nowadays, if I go out with friends for a meal, they’re savvy enough to recognise that as someone who doesn’t drink, usually my share of the bill should be lower. Even so, I’m fortunate in my life in not having to count every single penny and being able to live with the occasional ‘unfair share’. Unlike some people – usually the people who have eaten and drunk the most (expensive) stuff – I’ve got absolutely no problem with someone who wants to work out their exact share of the bill, though.

[via @mrjoe]