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The Guardian on the rather undemocratic scuppering of a private member’s bill that wanted to look at moving British time on by one hour (basically aligning with central European time):

A core group of 10 MPs combined to scupper the bill, complaining that, while the Northern Ireland administration had the power to veto any UK change, neither the Scottish parliament and Welsh Assembly nor the leaders of the Scottish and Welsh governments would have comparable rights.

I’m not dismissing the (cliché?) Scottish farmers’ argument against darker mornings, but is there any reason why the Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish absolutely have to move their clocks along with the English? It would be an inconvenience, for sure, not being aligned within the United Kingdom but – and perhaps I’m betraying how much I work with people in Europe in saying this – not any more of a pain than it is for England being out of step with the continent.