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I thought I’d given in to middle age when I bought Reworked, the album of songs covered for John Lewis adverts, towards the end of last year. Pleasingly, though, I’m obviously not that ready for middle age because after a few listens the novelty’s worn off and I’ve decided I actually can’t take its insipidness any more. Proof of this is the fact that when I listen to the CD in the car (I know: quaint) I skip to other cover versions I added to fill up the space.

Having said that, I chucked a new CD into the car stereo last night and realised I hadn’t included in my original playlist what, for me, is the best reworked song evah: Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Saint Etienne. I can’t even think of a close second right now. (I’m a fan of Pretty Ballerina by The Bluetones but feel it’s too close to the original to qualify as a ‘rework’.) Any other suggestions for my new custom reworked playlist?

The original version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young: