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Fantastic piece on political correctness by Miranda Sawyer in The Observer.

In 2007 Jade [Goody] was thrown off Celebrity Big Brother for her racist bullying of Shilpa Shetty. She herself had been bullied, in her life and in the BB house, for being lower class and female, but racism absolutely trumped that. Big Brother revealed that there is a hierarchy in PC.

I wonder how many people from outside the UK get caught out by this peculiarity of British friendship:

[I]n this country, slagging someone off means you like them. Calling someone a twat might mean you think they’re a twat. Or it might mean you love them a lot and think they’re the exact opposite. It’s all about how well you know them. Which can be hard to judge in itself. Plenty of people get hacked off because an acquaintance gets too cheeky too soon.