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Today I was in Maidenhead for the day. Since that involves a trip round a not very nice part of the M25, I tend to make the trip very early to avoid the traffic, and end up in Maidenhead around 7.30am, by which time I’m hank marvin. Today I decided to treat myself to a full English breakfast at Dave’s Place cafe, round the corner from the office.   It’s a proper greasy spoon, which I love, so naturally I read a tabloid while eating my breakfast.  (That’s yesterday’s Daily Star you can see above the plate.)

I don’t, and couldn’t, eat this every week but since I’d been pretty good with food since the beginning of the year, I thought I’d earned enough brownie points for this.

I kind of made up for it at lunchtime, by buying a big bottle of apple and mango juice instead of buying a big bag of crisps to accompany my main lunch of crab pate with bread rolls.

Dinner consisted of some leftover Parsi lamb dhansak from the other day.