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I’m afraid this is going to be one of those ‘I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently’ posts.

I don’t think the food diary format is really worth keeping up, as it was something of a chore to think of something interesting to say about absolutely everything I ate; I can only imagine what a chore it would be to read through those entries.  The other reason for not continuing being that I’m in awe of Anne’s Food, which is intimidatingly good at the daily diary thing.  Even the weekend cat blogging is great!

Anyway, the food diary hasn’t gone away – I’ve just found a more appropriate way of doing it.  If you go to you’ll find a tumblr blog (a ‘mini blog’, for the uninitiated) which will hold the food diary entries.

The thing is, I’m not giving up on this blog, no way.  I’m just rethinking what I want to achieve with it.  To be more precise, I’ve already had some good thoughts on what I’d like to achieve with an online food site.  I’m just working out how to put them into practice while still leaving enough time for the day job and the family.

Ta ta for now.