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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I went-o, so the normal weekday badness resumed. I really must try and get some willpower and eat more healthily when I’m not at home.


Two pieces of toast with some more of that out-of-date ham (the remainder of which I threw away before I pushed the food poisoning fairies too far). Washed down by a mug of green tea. I’m just finding ‘normal’ tea too cloying, and not refreshing enough.


We had a team lunch today and ended up in Tootsies, due to the fact that one of our number is a coeliac and Tooties, whilst never being in danger of troubling the men at Michelin, can at least be trusted to produce a salad that isn’t going to kill anyone through accidental gluten contamination. As per usual, I had the bacon and cheeseburger, which was competent enough. The chips were disappointingly small, almost as if they’d cut them from new potatoes, and the onion rings more batter than onion. Ah well, at least work was paying for it.


A weeknight, so P was on cooking duty again. A meat and spinach curry (I think the meat was meant to be lamb) which P admitted had been overdone with the tomatoes. Disappointing, since the meat, whatever it was, wasn’t as tasty as the normal chicken thighs, and the curry sauce itself was too tomato-y. Still, it’s unfair to criticise since P has far fewer cooking disasters than I do, by dint of following a recipe properly (I tend to be a bit ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ with my approach to putting meals together, sometimes).