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I’ve been knocked sideways by a cold (unexpectedly for me, since I normally manage to shake them off within 24 hours), so the food intake was of the comforting variety.


A warmed up baguette (warmed up out of necessity as it was a bit stale, so needed a sprinkle of water and a blast in the oven to refresh) with some out-of-date ham. Breakfast was taken relatively late at 10am, 3 hours after waking up. Being ill, I didn’t really have much of an appetite, but then I started watching Sky-plussed editions of Taste (the Sky food programme hosted by the impossibly gorgeous Beverley Turner) and the stomach stirred. I’m not sure I’d be so bothered about Taste if it wasn’t for the presenter – the chefs seem a bit B-listy, but it’s diverting enough.


A bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup, followed by a bowl of crabmeat and sweetcorn soup. Made by mixing a tin of creamed sweetcorn with an equal amount of water and a sprinkle of bouillon (if I were being good, I’d use proper stock, of course), stirring in some beaten egg, thickening the whole lot up with a flour paste (if I had cornflour, I’d have used that instead), and boiling it up until it thickened a bit. Poured into a bowl containing some meat picked off the chicken wings I’d used to help the stock along on Sunday. Since there wasn’t really enough chicken to go round for two bowls, I cracked open a tin of crabmeat and stirred that into the remaining soup for my second bowl.


Was supposed to be tacos but P had bought just the taco shells, which didn’t contain a taco spice mix. I’d have knocked up a spice mix myself, but we didn’t have any dried minced onion or garlic powder, so anything I made would have been a bit anaemic. We ended up having chicken pesto pasta (with the pesto a ready-made affair from Waitrose, for shame).