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Unexpectedly had to go into work today, with some odd consequences for my food intake.


At home, a couple of slices of toast with marmite.

At work, while I was on a telephone call, a colleague came round with a basket full of hot cross buns, and via the medium of sign language while paying a modicum of attention to the person on the other end of the line, I managed to procure a hot cross bun with a thick layer of (I can’t believe it’s not) butter (because I’m a credulous idiot without any taste buds).


I was asked to help unwrap various bits of food in preparation for a special lunchtime ‘meet-and-greet the new bloke’ occasion, and ended up having a sneaky slice of gala pie.


Went to the special ‘meet-and-greet the new bloke’ lunch, and ended up scoffing:

  • a cold, soggy samosa with a suspiciously sweet and bright red dip
  • a couple of canapes that were more pastry than filling
  • a thin wedge of very salty quiche lorraine
  • a big slice of a lovely apple tart
  • an even bigger slice of cherry pie, which had just the right level of sourness

So, in summary, savoury dishes bad, sweet dishes good.

All this was washed down with a can of coke, which was very bad of me.

Post-lunch coffee:

Coincidentally, I had a ‘meet-and-greet the new bloke’ coffee meeting lined up straight after lunch. We ended up going to Giraffe. I normally have hot chocolate whenever I’m out for coffee (since I’m very fussy about my coffee), but the hot chocolate in Giraffe, even without the extra cream and marshmallows, tends to be too sickly sweet for my liking. I plumped for a mint chocolate latte instead, and was pleasantly surprised at the perfect balance between coffee and chocolate. Not that I go to Giraffe for coffee all that often, but I have at least found my regular order.

Desk dinner:

As it was the last day before going on a week’s holiday, I worked a little late and ended up scoffing a developer’s dinner – crisps. Not just any old crisps, though. These were M&S sour cream and jalapeno potato-based snacks.

Real dinner:

Chicken “and something” pie (bought from Waitrose), with chips and baked beans. Followed by some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.