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One of those days when I didn’t eat at home at all, although I think I managed to eat relatively well.


I didn’t have a chance to get breakfast at home, but luckily work provide some breakfast supplies. I had a bagel – actually a pale imitation of a bagel, since it was one of those New York Bakery Co. bagels which taste nothing like the lovely bagels I’ve had in New York. Covered in Philadelphia light cream cheese with chives, surreptitiously eaten while on a call with someone.


Took my boss out for lunch – yes, I’m such a brown nose – and decided to see what the H2O Floating Restaurant was like in cold weather. I’ve been here before, as part of a large group, in the peak summer months; unsurprisingly, the tiny galley kitchen they have struggled to cope with a large number of covers, but given that there was just the two of us in the whole place today, service was speedy and the food pretty good. I had spaghetti with scallops in a chilli tomato sauce. Nicely spiced, and plenty of scallops chucked in.


It was the annual quiz night at work tonight and as we’ve got such great facilities for social events like this, catering was ordered in. There was a nice selection of sushi, some not-so-nice fried things that looked like spring rolls but seemed to be filled with cheese (and they were cold), some weird flat-bread sandwich affairs, falafel and other bits and pieces. I majored on the sushi which, for mass catering, was nice enough.