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Oh my god, this is getting so predictable: two slices of toast and marmite, washed down with green tea.


Unexpectedly ended up having to travel across to the other side of London for a meeting in the afternoon, so grabbed a ham and mustard sandwich from M&S, along with a packet of Skips (except it wasn’t just any prawn cocktail flavoured melty crisp snack, it’s an M&S Skips rip-off).


Schoolnight, so P cooked dinner. One of my favourites, from a book called One Pot Meals (I think) that I bought when I was in San Jose last autumn: can’t remember the title of the recipe, but it’s essentially a casserole dish filled with minced beef, green peppers, macaroni, a tin of tomatoes and a cup of water. Whacked in a medium oven for, ooh, 20 minutes or so until the macaroni has absorbed the water. Lovely.