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Half a slightly stale toasted wheatmeal hot cross bun. It was chewy. Too chewy.


Working from home today, so I took advantage of the fact that I could have a hot meal, leaving the baguette for another time (it’ll probably be stale by the time I get round to eating it). I occasionally (more often than I’d like) crave really bad food, so lunch consisted of some Demae Ramen sesame flavour instant noodles and soup, with pork luncheon meat, and spring onion to garnish. Looking at the ingredients, I can’t quite believe I chucked that down my gullet, but it’s horrid weather outside (it’s raining biblically) and comfort food is the order of the day.


Well, lunch did me no good because I ended up going to sleep for a couple of hours to try and shake off the bug I’ve got. (Really, I should have just added some double cream into the chicken stock from yesterday and had a comforting bowl of chicken soup.) Sitting at the dining table, slightly groggy, I had some spaghetti carbonara, as made by the fair hands of P.