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Good Friday, but being an outright atheist means I couldn’t care less what that means in terms of tradition. Having said that, I did very well out of the Easter egg hunt at the office yesterday (another bonus of being in on a day when I shouldn’t have been), so there’s chocolate around.


Toast with marmite again, although slightly less than two slices were consumed, since A always wants to steal some of my breakfast if I happen to time it wrong so that she’s nearly finished her own food.


After breakfast, I roasted up the beef toprump that we were supposed to have Sunday, then failing that, yesterday. For lunch, we just took slices from the beef (which was lovely, by the way – well worth spending a couple of quid extra on the organic joint that had been matured on the bone for longer than the norm), and stuffed them in a baguette with a smear of mustard. I ended up having two large baguettes, with a tin of Heinz tomato soup as well.


Calzone, cut openHome-made meat feast calzone. Basically, a normal pizza dough (which is basically bread dough) folded over, containing some mozzarella and various cured meats, like prosciutto and salami. Rather than put the tomato sauce into the calzone, I spooned it on afterwards. It was nice, although I think I’ll chuck in more mozzarella next time and work extra hard to thin out the dough when I roll it. I’m also contemplating buying a pizza stone to assist with the crisping up.