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Three slices of toasted white bread, spread with Marmite. I remember visiting a friend at his university one weekend, and devouring a whole loaf of bread, just using Marmite as a spread. Mmmm.


Team lunch at work today, and we returned to the scene of Wednesday’s lunch, Tootsies. I hasten to add that the team to which I’m referring to today is the wider departmental team. We may be creatures of habit, but my more immediate team are not that unimaginative that we’d have lunch at the same place twice in three days. I had the calamari which were disappointingly not big wide rings of calamari but more like midget ones, the size of Hula Hoops. The batter had a nice zing to it but it was a little too greasy for me to get through the whole bowl. My side order of chips was, again, disappointingly bitty.


Made it home for dinner tonight: a chicken and pea risotto. It felt just right for an evening that wasn’t too chilly.